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交收點: 柴灣 沙田 速遞: 本土運輸公司 ( shiplus)、順豐智能櫃
Roasted on Monday
星期一炒豆->星期二或三送出 星期日落單可以最快收到豆!!
Hong Kong Roasted
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Wholesale | 商業客戶

We offer a special price on pour-over beans for cafes (Start from 400g) don't hesitate to tell us more! 我們為咖啡店提供優惠價格 (訂購400g起)希望和您的客人一同分享唔同產地嘅咖啡體驗
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ABOUT | 關於濕粉咖啡

out of a universe of things to be stubborn with, we chose coffee roasting.
Launched in 2019, Stubborn Coffee Roaster is a micro-roaster based in Hong Kong, consisting on sourcing various seasonal single origin green coffee beans world-wide and roast accordingly.

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使用各種新烘焙咖啡豆製作單品咖啡 不用預約,隨時體驗製作不同咖啡的樂趣
339AB (3th floor)
柴灣青年廣場 Youth Square, Chai Wan ( 新翠商場出口沿天橋右邊)
Open hours
Thursday to Sunday 1:00 PM — 6:00 PM feel free to DM us for other operating hours enqiry